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RE:to the website owner: removal of threads
by "Julie, to "typical"" on Wed Jul 14 12:27:29 2010


Because some of us - and not only the British - would like to see a reasonably civil level of discussion restored here, and prevail over the drivel, as it once did.

The people you call "comedians" are anything but. With few exceptions they are bored people with nothing better to do than spout drivel, people with no sense of humour whatsoever, and no end of puerile, juvenile little tricks to pervert threads.

You may think that sort thing "makes good reading". I don't. You may think it's funny. I think it's stupid, often nasty, often downright cruel. I want to stop, I want it to change, and am saying so loudly and clearly, and hope the website owner is listening.

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  • To the website owner: removal of threads - by Julie on Wed Jul 14 08:17:15 2010

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