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RE:to the website owner: removal of threads
by "Julie, to "typical"" on Wed Jul 14 13:07:48 2010

Oh for God's sake, here it is again. "Everybody's got the right to say what they want, free speech is allowed you know in Greece".

Freedom of speech is NOT everybody saying whatever they want. When speech is used to offend, insult, or be cruel it is abuse of freedom of speech. When posters indulge in this misconceived "freedom" while hiding under the cloak of anonymity and multiple identity, it is reprehensible.

All freedoms carry with them the requirement of self-responsibility and self-regulation.

All this has been said by me and others here about a zillion times.

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  • To the website owner: removal of threads - by Julie on Wed Jul 14 08:17:15 2010

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