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HELP!! Crete traffic ticket - or scam?
by "jcheneyjc@sbcglobal.net" - on Fri Apr 18 11:49:58 2008
I arrived in Hania yesterday (from the US) at about 4 pm, rented a car and drove, oh, 15 minutes to Hania, where I immediately got lost on the little streets by the harbor. I was driving slowly and carefully. A policeman (or so I assumed) pulled me over and took my international driver's license and told me I had run a red lite and that the fine was 700 euros!!! Then he left, taking my license. He gave me no paperwork, no instructions, just a very brief conversation telling me about the fine.
This morning I went to the Hania police station and waited two hours while a gentleman tried to find the officer who had given me the ticket - no luck. He said he would look some more and notify all the officers that were on duty yesterday, and I have to go back in a few hours, and if he can't find anybody, then I have to report to "undercover police" that the license was stolen.
It IS true that the fine is 700E for running a red lite. Does anybody have any suggestions on what to do?? If he was a real cop, how to get my license back, how not to have to pay a 700E fine? If he was a fake cop -or a real cop stealing my license -can I "put a stop" on the license as with a credit card, so I don't get in trouble for accidents that someone else has while using my license? PLEASE HELLLLP!

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  • HELP!! Crete traffic ticket - or scam? - by jcheneyjc@sbcglobal.net on Fri Apr 18 11:49:58 2008

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