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RE:HELP!! Crete traffic ticket - or scam?
by "jcheneyjc@sbcglobal.net" on Thu May 15 17:35:40 2008

False alarm!
I am the person who thought her international driverís license had been stolen in Hania, Crete. No dishonest police officer, no scam artist. I misplaced my international driverís license when the officer gave it back to me, and was too rattled by the driving and the threatened ticket to keep track of the license or to even realize than he had returned it. Iím writing to clear the good name of Cretans -- at my humble expense.
It is worth noting that 700E IS the actual maximum fine for running a red lite, 300E is the actual maximum fine for not wearing a seatbelt, and so on! I probably did run a red lite, as the lites there are positioned not across the intersection as they are in the US, but on the near/entering side, and to the far sideways-side of any sidewalks, so you have to look sideways for them at intersections, not ahead!
Geezer Gal

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  • HELP!! Crete traffic ticket - or scam? - by jcheneyjc@sbcglobal.net on Fri Apr 18 11:49:58 2008

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