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Click the map to start the tour from Iraklion or a green flag to start from this particular place.
Roll the mouse over a black circle to see the name of the place, click the black circle to move the plane over the place.
Click Next (or hit Space Bar) to move the plane to the next place.
Crete is the biggest Greek island and the fifth in the Mediterranean Sea. During its long history, dated back in the neolithic era, Crete was the commercial crossroads and the meeting point for different civilisations from Europe, Asia and Africa.
The main characteristic of the island is the diversity of its natural habitat. The landscape consists of multifarious coastline, long sandy beaches, forested hills, high snow-capped mountains, fertile valleys and deep ravines. History, myths and legends are alive in every single step on this island. Prehistoric installations, Minoan palaces and villas, together with Byzantine churches, walled towns, Venetian buildings, mosques, fountains and castles witness the island's troubled history.
The tour starts from Iraklion, the capital of Crete, a town of nearly 140.000 inhabitants, and continues clockwise, mostly following the 1,100 kilometers long coastline of the island. You will have the chance to enjoy aerial views of the most important places and get basic information as well as links to related pages.

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