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RE:Η γενιά των 700 Euro?
by "Translated" on Mon Jun 21 23:39:47 2010

Young people today are between 25 and 35 years see their most productive years to go unused and find that very hard to manage to create those managed by their parents. therefore set up the G700, the " Generation of 700 Euros .
"The traditional mechanisms of social and economic growth , the government , the mikroepicheirimatikotita the informal economy, European funds have exhausted their limits . The public - public goods, which in past decades have contributed to reducing inequality and democratization of economic life today are losing the bet quality and become obsolete .
The digital divide between Greece and other countries of the world grows, while not adequately addressed the technological illiteracy .
Generation of 700 million does not trust any of the traditional political institutions of our country or the unions , believing that they have failed in their task.
Irene is a 28 year old lawyer, who did postgraduate studies at the Law School of Athens and is currently assistant in a law office. Describing her professional experience highlights the difficulties faced by young lawyers in Greece.
"Let 's talk about the classes ... Salary 300-400 euros , without time , without permits , without benefits and in particular this is the worst, without a regular job, because what you do each day depends on the mood of your lawyer ! Queues in public services , clothing to the laundry or morning urine for examination are some of functions are called when you write something or just go to court , you feel really lucky and scientist , " he writes.
(Source : http://www.ethnos.gr/article.asp?catid=11424&subid=2&pubid=113286)

True then it must be somebody to survive ;
> ( source: http://www.future-biz.gr ) "


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