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RE:Η γενιά των 700 Euro?
by "Lorenzo" on Wed Jun 23 00:23:58 2010

A new catch phrase is making the rounds in Greek labour circles: "Generation 700 euro." The not so flattering term refers to the workers in Greece who, you guessed it, make 700 euro a month. 25 percent of Greeks are said to be part of the club.

Here's a breakdown of Generation 700 euro:

- 89% are not involved with union labor
- 75% work in the private sector
- 75% don't go on strike
- 70% are dissatisfied with their prospects of moving up in the workplace
- 70% are dissatisfied with the type of work they're doing
- 67% are between the ages of 18 and 34
- 64% are women
......From Daily Frappe online.
It can help by getting organised. Unfortunately, strikes are seen in some circles as counter-productive in these difficult times. I say bring down capitalism as we now know it. It kills.

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