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This site will present editions concerning the island of Crete.
Some of the books and maps presented here were valuable sources of information for INTERKRITI


CRETE : History & Pictures
A valuable resource for INTERKRITI, we strongly recommend this publication.

This book, by George Panagiotakis, illustrates the history of the island, in two volumes.

Georgios Panagionakis, tel: +3081 236 344

Tourist Guides & Maps

Maps of Crete on a 1:100,000 scale in four parts.
The map includes geomorphological information which make it a necessity for drivers, climbers and walkers!!!
This is the only map that fully illustrates the European E4 Climbing route and other main climbing routes of the island.
The map is accompanied by an issue which includes codified information and city plans.

By Giorgis Petrakis
SELENA Editions
13 Vironos Str. 712 02 Iraklion Crete Greece
Tel & fax: +3081 282630

Price: drs 10,000

A complete guide with 26 excursions and detailed maps.
It also includes city plans, general information and all the Museums and Archaeological Sites.

By Anna Kofou
Ekdotiki Athinon
11, Omirou St., 106 72 Athens greece
Tel: 360 8911

Illustrated guide to the Iraklion Museum

By J.A.Sakellarakis
Professor of Prehestoric Archaeology
Former Director of the Herakleion Museum
Ekdotiki Athinon
11, Omirou St., 106 72 Athens greece
Tel: 360 8911

An excellent publication with high quality pictures and good text.

Casa Editrice Bonechi
Florence Italy

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editions... editions...
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