A very popular and tasty "CRETAN COOKIE" made with dough and goat cheese (salted myzithra).
Sarikopites served without honey or sugar can be accompanied with the local red or rose wine.
With honey or sugar can be accompanied with the lokal drink "raki".



We prepare the dough with:
1/2 kilo of flour
1 glass of water, and a litle salt
2 tablespoons of oil
3 tablespoons of raki, or vinegar

We open a very thin line of the dough, of about 8-10 cm width and about 25-30 cm of length. We put the goat cheese all the way, and we close the line of the dough. We start to whirl the cordon of the dough with the goat cheese in it. The hole thing reminds of a sariki, which is an old head kerchief, and that is how they got their name (sarikopites).
We fry the pieces in lot of oil and we serve with honey or sugar (optional).

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