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Crete : The area of Episkopi, Rethymnon

Miriokefala is built at 500m a.s.l. and 37km away from the city of Rethimno. It has 400 inhabitants most of them farmers and stock breeders. One more village, Maroulou, belongs to the same municipality.
It took its name because of its location, "MIRIOKEFALA" means thousands of heads (here :Hills).
Here is the birth place of George Maravelakis, a great fighter of the 1866 revolution against the turks.
The monastry of Miriokefala, an interresting sight, devoted to the Holly Mother, was established by Ai Kir Giannis (a Cretan Saint) in the 11th century. There are many icons of Byzantine art, among them this of Holly Mother.

Zouridi is a village of the county of Rethymno, located 19,5 km away from the city, built at 260m a.s.l. with 90 inhabitants.
Here excavations unearthed some findings from the post palace period, and the Roman period as well as many venetian houses. Nowadays the village is characterized as a preservable settlement, and buildings such as the old high school are going to be restored.

Agios Constantinos
The village stands 17km away from Rethimno and 6km from Episkopi. It has 160 inhabitants, farmers and stock breeders.
The first university of Crete, called VIVI'S ACADEMY operated here in 1540 AD. There are remnands of many Venetian Houses, such as Villa Barocci, a mint, a fountain etc