The county of

G.Mercator: Map of the island of Crete, 1590

Kydonia is one of the counties of the Hania Prefecture. It borders north with the Cretan Sea, south with the Sfakia county, west with the Kissamos county and east with the Apokoronou county. It covers an area of 631 sq. kms.
The capital town of the county is HANIA the second biggest town of Crete.
The coastal part, has wonderful beaches providing tourist facilities for all tastes.
The port of SOUDA at Souda bay is one of the biggest in Greece and has daily ferry connection to Pireus.
The airport located a few kilometers from Hania, has quite a few flights to Athens every day and a lot of charter flights during the summer period.
It is a fertile area with plenty of running water and a temperate climate. Kydonia today produces olive oil, wine, grapes, and citrus fruits of exceptional quality.
Kydonia was one of the ancient city-state of Crete. It had its own mints and possibly was famous for the wine produced ther since the coins of the city depicted a banch of grapes, or the head of Dionyssus.
During the Byzantine times it retained its name ,while during the Venetian times it was called piano della Canea. When the Ottomans occupied Crete they renamed to Hania Agiasi (meaning suburbs of Hania), but in1867 it was renamed Kydonia by the thenTurkish command.