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Crete : The area of Adele, Rethymnon
History of Adele

There are two versions according to the people that live in the area concerning the community of Adele and how it got its name.

The fist version states that the name Adele comes from the founder of the village a Venetian named ADOL, while the second version that is closer to the people’s characteristics states that Adele name originates from the word ‘ADOULOTOS" which means--not conquered--.

Regardless of the Adele name origin the village has kept this name for over 450 years. Barozzi mentions it as ADHELE in the year 1577, the castle keeper with population of 154 people in the year 1583 and Vasilikata as ADHELI in the year 1630. During the Egyptian census of 1834 Adele was referred to as ADHILI with a population of 50 Christian and 180 Turkish families.

During the census of 10 January 1659 referring to the number of village houses, Adele with a total number of 114 houses was the largest village in the district of Kaftani of the Rethymnon prefecture.

In the year 1928 it became a community and remained so up to the present day. Kostis Yiamboudakis the fire raiser of the Monastery of Arkadi was born in ADELE village. The village main square and main street have taken their names after him.

During the German occupation Adele village has given brave evidence of the resistance against the conqueror. The Germans arrested 18 men from the villages of Adele and Agia Paraskevi to shoot them as a retaliation and forced them to dig their own graves. The massacre of the Adele people is today known as the "SARAKINA MASSACRE" and the community in order to honor them raised a monument with their names in the village square.