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House by the sea

A Unique place for unforgettable vacations.

Introduction to Crete
An introduction to the island of Crete. Geographical information, History, People, Administration, Facilities and Infrastuctures, Economy, Environment... Also a short introductory movie (flash)...

History of Crete
From Neolithic Period (6.000-2.600 BC) to WWII. European civilization began on this island, the southernmost of the Greek isles, which lies symbolically midway between Africa, Asia, and Europe and which — punctuated by three major mountain ranges slashed by deep gorges — measures only 260 kms from end to end with an average width of about 45 kms.

Cretan Culture
No matter how often Crete came under foreign influence or how much the Cretans learnt from the art of other civilizations, it remains an indisputable fact that Crete set its own inimitable stamp on everything it touched.

Greece State symbols
The Greek Flag | The Greek National Anthem | The Greek emblem
The design and colours (blue and white) of the national flag were laid down in January of 1822 at the first National Assembly at Epidauros. On 15 March of the same year the Executive Body (the Government), which had taken over the interim administration of Greece, specified by Decree 540 three types of flag: one land flag and two marine flags, one of which was for the navy and the other for the merchant marine.

Information about Greece (HELLAS)
Greece, officially known as the Hellenic Republic, lies at the southeastern tip of Europe. To the north, it borders with Albania, the Former Yugoslavian Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) and Bulgaria and to the east with Turkey. The area of the country is 131,957 sq. km and it consists of a peninsula and over 2000 islands...

Population of Crete
Census 2001

Crete Region 303.871/ Prefecture of Iraklion 147.886 / Prefecture of Lassithi 38.239 / Prefecture of Rethymnon 41.123 / Prefecture of Hania 76.623. The population of Cretan municipalities men/women and map of population density...

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