Zákros town
Sitia, East Crete

One of the most picturesque villages of Crete, Zakros is located at the end of the road from Sitia to the eastern part of the island, 38km away from Sitia and 19,5km from Palekastro. It has 750 inhabitants, farmers, producing olive oil of excelent quality, stock breeders and fishermen, and it is the seat of the municipality of Zakros.

The municipality consists of the villages: Zakros ( 260m a.s.l.), Adravasti (75 inhabitants, 300m a.s.l.), Azokeramos (58 inhabitants, 230m a.s.l.), Kelaria (34 inhabitants, 250m a.s.l.), Klissidi (15 inhabitants, 220m a.s.l.) and Kato Zakros a small coastal village, site of the fourth large Minoan Palace, located 7.5km from Zakros at the bay of the same name.

The village can be accessed from Sitia following the road to Palekastro- Zakros. There is regular public bus transportation from Sitia to Zakros. It is the commercial and administrative center of the area, providing quite few facilities to the visitors.

During the summer many cultural events are taking place in the central square of the village, attracting many visitors.

The landscape is characterized by rich vegetation, due to the numerous springs of the area, while watermills were built in some of them.

The visitor to Zakros has the chance to admire places of unique beauty and archaeological importance, and enjoy the crystal blue sea of the bay of Zakros, in Kato Zakros.

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Zakros Palace and Archaeological Site
Sitia, East Crete

Like the other Cretan palaces, the palace of Zakros, was first built in about 1900 B.C. The present ruins seen by the visitor belong to the second building phase, in about 1600 BC.
The total area of the palace, including ancillary buildings, is approximately 10,000 sq.m. It was not only the permanent residence of the royal family, but also the administrative, as well as commercial and religious centre of the surrounding area.
The long term excavations have yielded over 10,000 objects, many of them considered unique, which are now on display in the Iraklion and Sitia museums.
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Kato Zakros
Kato Zakros

Small coastal village at the eastern edge of Crete. Here in 1961 a great Greek archaeoligist, N.Platon, unearthed the fourth largest Minoan Palace. Nowadays in Kato Zakros (GR: Κάτω Ζάκρος) live a few people, occuping with farming, and fishing. There are a few taverns and cafe bars available for the visitors as well as a few rooms for rent. The scenery is great and the sandy beach with crystal clear water is one of the nicest in eastern Crete. Apart from a visit to the Minoan site the visitors can take a walk through the imposing gorge of the dead or follow the path along the coast to the cave of Pelekita
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Zakros Gorge of Dead
Zakros, Sitia, East Crete

Within a few distance from the town of Zakros, starts the Gorge, which ends at the bay of Kato Zakros, almost near the Palace area. This gorge is of outstanding beauty, with large caves in its walls. In those caves were discovered tombs dated to the Minoan period, and finds of great archaeological importance. That is the reason why the caves are named "The Caves of Dead" and the gorge "The Gorge of Dead".
Because of its natural beauty and archaeological significance the gorge attracts numerous visitors every year.
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Pelekita Cave
Zakros, Sitia, East Crete

The cave, with impressive stalagmites and stalactites, is located near the sea (~200m), at Pelekitá (GR: Πελεκητά), a place 3km away from the Palace of Zakros (~1 hour walk)and above the small bay of Karoumbi. In this cave were discovered signs of neolithic habitation. Its entrance is at 105m above sea, it is 310m long and its area is approximately 4.500m2. A little further there was found also the quarry from where the ancients took the stones to built their Palace (hence the name "Pelekita"). The cave is also known as "Sikias Spilios" (the fig tree's cave) due to the fig tree that is located at its entrance. The view to the sea from there is magnificent.

In and/or around Zákros town:
(within a radius of 30 Km)

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at 10km(NE) from Zákros town
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at 10.7km(NW) from Zákros town
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Villa Amalia Kouremenos, Palaíkastron, Sitia
at 12.3km(N) from Zákros town
Villa Amalia

Sitia Bay Hotel Sitia town
at 14.2km(NW) from Zákros town
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Elysee Hotel Sitia town
at 14.4km(NW) from Zákros town
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