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Rea Hotel
Carefully designed, the hotel Rea (B' Class) offers you 14 comfortable furnished bedrooms (30 beds), all with a big balcony, bathroom, telephone music, satellite TV, safe box, mini bar and air conditioning. There is also a Reception, Bar, green patio, only 100m from the beach.

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In and/or around Rea Hotel:
(within a radius of 50 Km)

Villa Anna Paleohora
at 0.1km(W) from Rea Hotel
Villa Anna

Phoinikas & Elizabeth Apartments Paleohora
at 0.2km(W) from Rea Hotel
Phoinikas & Elizabeth Apartments

Poseidon Hotel Paleohora
at 0.3km(W) from Rea Hotel
Poseidon Hotel

Caravella Luxury Design Apartments Paleochora
at 0.5km(NW) from Rea Hotel
Caravella luxury design apartments

Aris Hotel Paleohora
at 0.6km(S) from Rea Hotel
Aris Hotel

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