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Catholic Church - Heraklion
Heraklion Old Town
The Heraklion Catholic church is located at 2, Patros Antoniou street close to the old port of the city. It is dedicated to Saint John the Baptist and was first built in 1888. In the 1959 earthquake the church suffered serious damages and had to be demolished and rebuilt. The pastor at that time, Father George Roussos, built the present church in 1961-1962. Father Petros Roussos, who was Pastor from 1980 to 2008 refurbished also the Capuchin Monastery that stands next to the church.
There is also another small chapel, the Chapel of the Holy Cross, at the old Catholic cemetery which is situated in a side road off Efesou Road, with its entrance at Ikarou Avenue. It was built in 1893.
Website : http://www.candiacatholica.gr/
Patros Antoniou 2, 712 02 Heraklion
Tel./Fax +30 2810 346 191
Mobile +30 6945867744

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