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Institute of Olive Tree and Subtropical Plants
The Institute for Olive Tree and Subtropical Plants of Chania is one of the Institutes of the National Agricultural Research Foundation (NAGREF), located at Chania, Crete, Greece. The Institute consists of 10 Laboratories, with research activities focused on the following fields: Oliviculture and Post-harvest Physiology, Citriculture, Subtropical Plants, Irrigation and Water Resources Management, Plant Mineral Nutrition and Physiology, Entomology, Plant Pathology, Food Technology, Hydroponic Culture and Aromatic Plants, and Animal Production. The research activities of the Institute are supported by modern facilities, including fully equipped laboratories, glasshouses, 50 ha of experimental fields and collections of genetic material for olive, citrus, subtropical plants and grapevines.The basic aim of the Institute is the development of research concerning the main problems of the agricultural production in Crete. Furthermore, extra activities include services and know-how transfer to local farmers, demonstration and pilot-scale activities within the framework of EU and National-funded projects and cooperation with international organizations (FAO, IOC, etc.), aiming on the production of high quality agricultural products through the sustainable management of natural resources and cultural practices, using the latest of available technology.
The Institute has 40 people as permanent staff and about 10 people (depending on seasonal needs) as contracted staff

NAGREF - Institute for Olive Tree and Subtropical Plants of Chania
Agrokipio, 73100, Chania
Tel: +30 28210 - 83410
Fax: +30 28210 - 93963
E-mail: agres@nagref-cha.gr
Website : www.nagref-cha.gr/

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Towns & Villages
Hania Archaeological Museum
Chalepa, Hania
at 2.6km (N)
Mourniés village
at 3.2km (SW)
Chania city
North West Crete
at 3.3km (NW)
Venizelos Graves - Prophitis Ilias
Akrotiri, Chania
at 3.5km (N)

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