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San Salvatore Monastery
Hania, old town
The Franciscan monastery of San Salvatore, that houses the Byzantine and Post-Byzantine Collection of Chania, was built on the west side of the fortress of Chania, in three phases from the 15th century until the late Venetian period (middle of 17th century). The extensive restoration of the church made it possible to identify more clearly the various building phases of the monument, unify the space, and display its austere, uncluttered architectural features to good effect. The original church, which probably dates from the 15th century, was the small domed section on the east side. In the 16th century, this was extended to the west, following the same type of a vaulted hall with strainer arches. At the end of the Venetian period (middle of the 17th century), the church was extended to the north by the addition of two rectangular rooms with an entrance on the west side.
These rooms, in which a limited use of Gothic motives can be observed, were roofed by cross-vaults and communicate with the nave by means of large archways. Under the Turkish domination, the church was converted into a mosque, the original church being detached and a sanctuary apse (mihrab) created at the south-west corner of the south aisle.
Address:82 Theotokopoulou Str., 731 00 Chania, Telephone: (+30) 28210 96046

Source: The Hellenic Ministry of Culture

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