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The temple
of Agios Georgios

The old temple of Agios Georgios Vrahasiotis is located at the foot of the mountain Selena, opposite of the village of Vrahasi.

The monastery was founded during the second Byzantine period. It was probably destroyed by the Venetians during the 14th century and today only ruins of this first monastery are saved, west of the preserved temple. It was rebuilt at 1540 AD and this date is inscribed in the east side of the bell-tower.
In accordance with the tradition the monastery was destroyed by the Turks around 1770 AD, as a revenge for the death of two Turkish officers that where killed by the abbot of the monastery because they had raped his sister.

The monastery operated again at 1860 AD. The commencement of the revolution against the Turks in 1866 was decided in this monastery.
The first revolutionaries with K. Sfakianakis as leader started from there.