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Arhontiko . Aarhontiko (Archondiko) is a village/settlement of the Municipality with 219 residents.
It is built on a hill overlooking the whole area, at 440m, very close to Arkalochori and 35km from Heraklion. Its old name was Alitzani, thus mentioned since 1577 (Barozzi) with 210 residents. The story mentions of a Venetian so called (Tzanis), wealthy landowner in the area who, in order not to lose his land to the Turks changed his religion, became a Muslim and turned his name to Ali Tzanis, a name later used for the whole area.
Since 1955, however, the name of the village became "Arhondiko".
Very close to the village, on a hill called "Galatiani Kefala" ruins of a Minoan town have been found, claimed to be one of the biggest on Crete. At the place called "Prinias" there is an old church of Virgin Mary, The Life-giver (Gr. Panagia Zoodochos Pigi) with remarkable frescoes.


Houmeri is a small settlement with 196 residents situated at 31km on the route from Heraklion to Arkalochori, rich in vegetation and a small fountain tempting all passersby to stop and enjoy its cool, fresh water. There is a road junction leading to Zinda village.


With 192 residents and 31km south of Heraklion, Zinda is also a village of Arkalochori Municipality, built at 490m above sea level and mentioned in various census already since 1380 BC. In order to be reached from Heraklion, one has to turn at 25.5km on the main road, right after Alagni village, after crossing the village Patsideros. From the Arkalochori side, Zinda can be reached through Choumeri junction.

Patsideros, a village with 271 residents is also a part of the municipality of Arkalohori. Built at the eastern side of a hill overlooking the area, at 564m a.s.l. it is 29 km away from Iraklion. The cross road after Algni leads to Patsideros.
The village is mentioned with the same name since 1577 (Barozzi).
The inhabitants occupy with farming and produce excellent olive oil grapes, raisins and wine.
There are remnands of frescoes in the two small chapels of Panagia and Agia Paraskevi.
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