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Kalikratis Village & Gorge
Sfakia, South Hania

Kalikratis is a small mountainous village at the foot of the White Mountains (Lefka Ori) at an altitude of 750m above sea level. It is a traditional village with many well preserved stone houses.
During the winter it is covered with snow and most of the villagers move down to the sea coast. The inhabitants produce grain, honey of excellent quality, while quite a few of them are stock breeders with their own flocks of sheep and goat.

In the village the visitor can find taverns with traditional cuisine and a few room for rent. The inhabitants are very hospitable and helpful.

The Gorge

From Kalikratis passes the European hiking footpath (E4), coming from the village of Patsianos after crossing the gorge of Imbros.
The visitor can walk down the gorge of the village (a two and a half hour hike) to the beach. The length of the gorge is 1 km, but the path to cross it (total distance 4 km) begins from the village Kalikratis and ends to the village Patsianos.


Kalikratis is one of a number of villages that were never settled by the Turks. During the Greek revolution in 1821 it was occupied on July the 15th for 6 days until the 21st.
During the Second World War the village was a base of operations for the Greek and British agents fighting against the Nazis. A German army of two thousand soldiers, invaded the village during the October of 1943 , burned it down and executed twenty men and nine women who did not manage to leave on time.

In and/or around Kalikratis Village & Gorge:
(within a radius of 20 Km)

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at 7.6km(S) from Kalikratis Village & Gorge
Zorbas Rooms and Taverna

Polyrizos Hotel Polyrizos, South Rethymnon
at 8km(SE) from Kalikratis Village & Gorge
Polyrizos Hotel

Calamon Apartments Episkopi, Rethimno
at 12.7km(NE) from Kalikratis Village & Gorge
Calamon apartments

Horizon Beach Hotel Plakias
at 13.5km(SE) from Kalikratis Village & Gorge
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