Ahlada village
Malevizi, North - West Iraklion
Ahláda (GR: Αχλάδα) is a small village located 24 kms west of Iraklion at an altitude of 300 meters a.s.l. It is close to the tourist resorts of Agia Pelagia and Ligaria, and it has approximately 500 inhabitants, most of them farmers and stock breeders. The name of the village meaning wild pear tree is given probably due to the huge wild pear tree that used to be at the village.

According to the records kept during the Venetian occupation, Ahlada was a feud belonging to two brothers (Georgios and Fragiskos Modinos) and had at the time 35 houses and 2 churches.Northeast of the village lie the ruins of another village, that used to belong to these brothers also, Kantinou. The inhabitants of that village together with other from neighboring settlements, were moved to Ahlada after the destruction of their villages from the Turks during the war of 1645- 1669)

In and/or around Ahlada village:
(within a radius of 50 Km)

Nymphes Luxury Apartments Agia Pelagia, Iraklion
at 2km(E) from Ahlada village
Nymphes Luxury Apartments

Villa Bellevue Apartments Ligaria
at 2.9km(E) from Ahlada village
Villa Bellevue Apartments

Minos Apartments Ligaria, Agia Pelagia
at 3.2km(E) from Ahlada village
Minos Apartments

Antonis Rooms Amoudara, Iraklion
at 9.3km(SE) from Ahlada village
Antonis Rooms

Aptera Beach Hotel Amoudara, Iraklion
at 9.6km(SE) from Ahlada village
Aptera Beach Hotel

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