Papagiannades village
Sitia, East Crete
The village of Papagianades (GR: Παπαγιαννάδες) with ~160 inhabitants, is situated in the area of Lefki at an altitude of 480 m above sea level, approximately 90 km from Agios Nikolaos and 19 from the town of Sitia.
It was first recorded in an Egyptian census in 1834 with 8 Christian families. It was also recorded by Chourmouzi Byzantios in 1842. In the 1881 census the village is recorded with a population of 77 pertaining to the Community of Handras.
The Ai Lias hill just before entering the village is of local interest as well as the Monastirakia, a ruined Minoan settlement.
There is also the church of Panagia Eleousa with frescoes dated back to the 14th century. The sightseer can sit and relax at the marvelous Panteli, a place in a gorge with lot of trees, joining the villages of Papagianades and Maronia. The chapel of Virgin Mary is worth visiting as well.

In and/or around Papagiannades village:
(within a radius of 50 Km)

Sitia Bay Hotel Sitia town
at 12.9km(N) from Papagiannades village
Sitia Bay Hotel

Elysee Hotel Sitia town
at 13km(N) from Papagiannades village
Elysee Hotel

Sunny Villas Apartments Agia Fotia Sitia
at 13.3km(NE) from Papagiannades village
Sunny Villas Apartments

Elia Studios Palekastro Sitia
at 20.9km(NE) from Papagiannades village
Elia Studios

Villa Amalia Kouremenos, Palaíkastron, Sitia
at 22km(NE) from Papagiannades village
Villa Amalia

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