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Archanes, Iraklion
A small traditional town (~4000 people) 15 km south of Iraklion on the foot of the sacred mountain Yiouhtas. Renowned for its excellent wine (from the varieties: vilana, kotsifali and madilari) and the archaeolocical sites and caves.
In 1912, Xanthoudides noted the importance of Archanes, but Sir Arthur Evans was the first to characterize the site as palatial, declaring that Archanes was likely a Summer Palace for the Knossos kings. Spyridon Marinatos and N. Platon excavated minor areas in the region, but nothing supported Evans' theory. In 1964, J. Sakellarakis dug trial trenches at the Tourkoyeitonia site and uncovered the first evidence of a palace site. Since 1966, Archanes has been excavated by the Greek Archaeaological Society under the supervision of John Sakellarakis and Efi Sapouna-Sakellarakis.

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In and/or around Archanes:
(within a radius of 50 Km)

Petronikolis Traditional House Houdetsi, Iraklion
at 5.1km(S) from Archanes
Petronikolis Traditional House

Hotel Life Ikarou 50, 71307 Heraklion
at 11.3km(N) from Archanes
Hotel Life

Citycar Rent A Car Iraklion
at 11.5km(N) from Archanes
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Hotel Iraklion Kalokairinou 128, 71202 Heraklion
at 11.6km(N) from Archanes
Hotel Iraklion

Marin Dream Hotel Heraklion town
at 11.7km(N) from Archanes
Marin Dream Hotel

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