Pancretan Stadium
Capacity: 26,240 (seated)- Location: The stadium is located in Heraklion (also: Iraklio) 3 km west of the city centre (at Lido beach)... The building began 15 years ago and the 2004 Olympic Games proved to be the golden opportunity for the Pancretan, as the Athens Organising Committee named it as one of the venues of the football tournament.
It was inaugurated on 31 March 2004, when it hosted an international friendly match between the National teams of Greece and Switzerland. The stadium is currently the second largest stadium of the country.
The stadium is actually part of a sports complex. A training ground with an 8-lane athletics track, Lido Indoor Hall, and a swimming pool are located right next to the Pancretan Stadium.
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In and/or around Pancretan Stadium:
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Akti Corali Hotel Ammoudara Beach, Iraklion
at 1.3km(W) from Pancretan Stadium
Akti Corali Hotel

Mareblue Neptuno Beach Resort Ammoudara Beach, Iraklion
at 1.6km(W) from Pancretan Stadium
Mareblue Neptuno Beach Resort

Hotel Iraklion Kalokairinou 128, 71202 Heraklion
at 2km(E) from Pancretan Stadium
Hotel Iraklion

Australia Hotel Ammoudara Beach, Iraklion
at 2.1km(W) from Pancretan Stadium
Australia Hotel

Creta Beach Hotel Andrea Papandreou 74, 71414 Amoudara, Iraklion
at 2.3km(W) from Pancretan Stadium
Creta Beach Hotel

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