Melia Studios - Apartments
Agii Apostoli, Hania
Spacious, one-room or two-room and promise unforgettable stay next to the sea. They are equipped with air condition, kitchen facilities, TV. as well as sharing washing-machine. Free! WiFi is available in all areas and is free of charge. You can find very friendly atmosphere and hospitality.
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In and/or around Melia Studios - Apartments:
(within a radius of 50 Km)

Inea Hotel & Suites Aghii Apostoli, Nea Kydonia, Hania
at 0.2km(W) from Melia Studios - Apartments
Inea Hotel & Suites

Marathakis Apartments Nea Kydonia, Hania
at 0.4km(W) from Melia Studios - Apartments
Marathakis Apartments

Semiramis Suites For Rent Hryssi Akti, Hania
at 0.6km(E) from Melia Studios - Apartments
Semiramis Suites for rent

Corinna Mare Hotel Kalamaki, Chania
at 1.3km(W) from Melia Studios - Apartments
Corinna Mare Hotel

Stelisia Rooms Nea Hora, Hania
at 2.3km(E) from Melia Studios - Apartments
Stelisia Rooms

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