Giali Tzamissi
Venetian port, Chania
The temple Kioutsouk (small) Hassan or Giali Tzamisi (seaside mosque), as it was commonly called, a brilliant sample of Islamic art of the Renaissance was a work of an Armenian architect, who had constructed another similar mosque in 'Spaniako', a village in the county of 'Selino'. The mosque, in the yard of which there were palm trees and graves of pashas and janissaries, stopped operating in 1923 and today it is restored without the small and picturesque minaret demolished in 1920.

In and/or around Giali Tzamissi:
(within a radius of 50 Km)

Loukia Hotel Akti Kountourioti, Chania
at 0.1km(SW) from Giali Tzamissi
Loukia Hotel

Fatma Boutique Hotel Chania Old Harbour
at 0.1km(SW) from Giali Tzamissi
Fatma Boutique Hotel

Captain Vasilis Hotel Chania Old Harbour
at 0.1km(W) from Giali Tzamissi
Captain Vasilis Hotel

Porto Veneziano Akti Enoseos, Chania
at 0.4km(E) from Giali Tzamissi
Porto Veneziano

Kriti Hotel Chania
at 0.6km(E) from Giali Tzamissi
Kriti  Hotel

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