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The Venetian Shipyards (Neoria)
Hania, old port
The south complex was completed in 1599, with the construction of 17 Neoria. Today only 7 survive out of the 17. In their original form they were open on the side of the sea. The ceilings are arched, and they are connected with arched openings of the same thickness as the walls.

In and/or around The Venetian Shipyards (Neoria):
(within a radius of 50 Km)

Porto Veneziano Akti Enoseos, Chania
at 0.1km(NE) from The Venetian Shipyards (Neoria)
Porto Veneziano

Argo Beach Hotel Koum Kapi, Hania
at 0.3km(E) from The Venetian Shipyards (Neoria)
Argo Beach Hotel

Kriti Hotel Chania
at 0.4km(SE) from The Venetian Shipyards (Neoria)
Kriti  Hotel

Loukia Hotel Akti Kountourioti, Chania
at 0.4km(W) from The Venetian Shipyards (Neoria)
Loukia Hotel

Fatma Boutique Hotel Chania Old Harbour
at 0.4km(SW) from The Venetian Shipyards (Neoria)
Fatma Boutique Hotel

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The ultimate beachfront holidays
from € 90

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