Semiramis Suites for rent
Hryssi Akti, Hania
All our suites are luxury and newly furnished, with their own fully equipped kitchen, TV, air condition, telephone, 24h hot water, and bathroom with Jacuzzi... We also have a swimming pool, reception, Satellite tv, market shops all around the area and a snack-bar for breakfast, coffee, snacks and lot's of cocktails and drinks. We are only 5 kms away from the centre of the city so it's very easy for you to find anything you wish during your holiday.
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In and/or around Semiramis Suites for rent:
(within a radius of 50 Km)

Melia Studios - Apartments Agii Apostoli, Hania
at 0.6km(W) from Semiramis Suites for rent
Melia Studios - Apartments

Inea Hotel & Suites Aghii Apostoli, Nea Kydonia, Hania
at 0.8km(W) from Semiramis Suites for rent
Inea Hotel & Suites

Marathakis Apartments Nea Kydonia, Hania
at 1km(W) from Semiramis Suites for rent
Marathakis Apartments

Stelisia Rooms Nea Hora, Hania
at 1.8km(E) from Semiramis Suites for rent
Stelisia Rooms

Corinna Mare Hotel Kalamaki, Chania
at 1.9km(W) from Semiramis Suites for rent
Corinna Mare Hotel

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