Ioannis Kondylakis
born in Viannos

Ioannis Kondylakis

Author and journalist(1862-1920). He was born in the village Ano Viannos in 1862. In his childhood he moved with his family in Piraeus. Quite soon though, only 3 years later, they got back at their special homeland and there, he finished the elementary school. Though he'd started attending high school in Iraklion, he finished it in Varvakeio School, in Athens.
His first novel was published in the newspaper 'Estia', in 1884. He was enrolled in the Philosophy School, but he never graduated.
In 1885 he got back in Crete, where he took a job as a teacher in Modi, Kydonias. His revolutionary character motivated him into writing patriotic articles in the local paper, an act that infuriated the Turkish occupants to such an extent that he had to flee in Athens, only this time he stayed permanently.
In Athens he worked for several newspapers like 'Estia', 'Asty' and 'Embros'. For more than 20 years he kept writing chronicles, which helped him win respect among the intellectuals. He used to use the pseudonym 'Diavatis' (Passer-by).
During his long literary career he wrote: 'Gramvoussa, i epanastasis en Kriti' (Gramvoussa, the revolution in Crete), 'I olokaftossis tou Arkadiou' (The Holocaust of Arkadi), 'Otan imoun daskalos' (When I was a teacher), 'Proti Agapi' (First Love), 'Eno diavaina' (When I was passing by), 'O Patouchas', 'Zampeliou Kai Kritovoulidou, Istoria Kritikon Epanastaseon' (Zampeliou and Kritovoulidou, Cretan Revolutions History), 'Imere kindynon kai fovou' (Days in danger and terror). Kondylakis’ entire work is collected in his 'Apanta' (Collected works).Ioannis Kondylakis died in Irakleion, in 1920.

In and/or around Ioannis Kondylakis:
(within a radius of 50 Km)

Viannos Town & Area South east Iraklion
at 0.1km(SW) from Ioannis Kondylakis
Viannos town & area

Geráki Village Pediada, Iraklion
at 12km(NW) from Ioannis Kondylakis
Geráki village

Diktaian Cave (dikteon Antron) Psychro, Lassithi Plateau
at 12.4km(N) from Ioannis Kondylakis
Diktaian Cave (Dikteon Antron)

Riza Village Ierapetra, Lassithi
at 12.9km(E) from Ioannis Kondylakis
Riza village

Armácha Village Pediada, Iraklion
at 13.3km(NW) from Ioannis Kondylakis
Armácha village

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