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Anopolis village & plateau
Sfakia, South Hania
Anopolis is a small village, built on a small but fertile plateau, 12 km west from Sfakia at 600 m above sea level. There are still traces of the ruins of the ancient city that prospered around the 3rd century BC, who's port was Phoenix (Loutro). Ancient Anopolis was one of the thirty city - states that signed the peace decree with Eumenes B’ in 183 BC. and thus was able to mint its own coins.
During both the Venetian and the Turkish occupations, Anopolis was a center for revolutionary activities. It is the birth place of the freedom fighter Ioannis Daskalogiannis who's statue stands at the center of the village.There are three more small settlements, Limnia, Vigle and Pavliana on the same plateau.
The mountainous landscape is of outstanding wild beauty. In the village there are rooms for rent and a tavern.The village is worth visiting not only for its natural beauty but also for the opportunity to explore the White Mountains. One of the best hikes is to descent to the shore through the ravine of Aradena, a five hour walk through an imposing ravine that ends up to the wonderful beach of Marmara.

In and/or around Anopolis village & plateau:
(within a radius of 50 Km)

Nikolas Rooms Loutro, Sfakia
at 2km(S) from Anopolis village & plateau

Captain Tom A Class Apartments & Studios Fragokastelo
at 15.3km(E) from Anopolis village & plateau
Captain Tom A Class Apartments & Studios

Zorbas Rooms And Taverna Skaloti, Sfakia
at 17.4km(E) from Anopolis village & plateau
Zorbas Rooms and Taverna

Polyrizos Hotel Polyrizos, South Rethymnon
at 19.9km(E) from Anopolis village & plateau
Polyrizos Hotel

Galini Studios & Apartments Sougia, South Hania
at 25.2km(W) from Anopolis village & plateau
Galini Studios & Apartments

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The ultimate beachfront holidays
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