Rimondi Fountain
Rethymnon Old Town
A. Rimondi, the Rector of the city, built the famous Rimondi Fountain, which is situated at present day Platanos Square, formerly the centre of Venetian city life, in 1626. The water runs from three spouts in the shape of a lion's head into three sinks. Three small, fluted columns, ornamented with Corinthian capitals are "standing" on the sinks. Above the capitals an entablature can be observed, the middle part of which displays four projections in the shape of the leaves of the acanthus exactly above the columns. Furthermore in this section the words LIBERALITATIS and FONTES are inscribed.
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In and/or around Rimondi Fountain:
(within a radius of 50 Km)

Palazzo Rimondi Apartments Rethymnon Old Town
at 0km(SW) from Rimondi Fountain
Palazzo Rimondi Apartments

Faros Beach Hotel Rethymnon Harbour
at 0.1km(E) from Rimondi Fountain
Faros Beach Hotel

Fortezza Hotel Rethymnon Old Town
at 0.1km(NW) from Rimondi Fountain
Fortezza Hotel

Veneto Hotel (four Stars) Rethymno
at 0.1km(SW) from Rimondi Fountain
VENETO hotel (Four stars)

The Sea Front Rent Rooms Rethymnon Old Town
at 0.2km(SE) from Rimondi Fountain
The Sea Front Rent Rooms

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