Ágios Pávlos beach
Sfakia, South Hania
Ágios Pávlos (GR: Άγιος Παύλος)is a beach on the shores of Sfakiá between Agia Rouméli and Loutró. The pine trees from the high cliffs above almost reach the sea and form a unique landscape. The beach is sandy with pebbles with no facilities except for a small tavern. It can be reached only on foot ( about 1 hour walk from Agia Roumeli) or by boat. The picturesque small church of Agios Pavlos (Saint Paul) a byzantine basilica of the 10th century A.D. with frescoes, lies just a few meters from the sea. It is built with stones from the beach itself on the spot where Saint Paul reportedly baptised people on his way to Rome.
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In and/or around Ágios Pávlos beach:
(within a radius of 50 Km)

Nikolas Rooms Loutro, Sfakia
at 7.5km(E) from Ágios Pávlos beach

Galini Studios & Apartments Sougia, South Hania
at 17.5km(W) from Ágios Pávlos beach
Galini Studios & Apartments

Captain Tom A Class Apartments & Studios Fragokastelo
at 23km(E) from Ágios Pávlos beach
Captain Tom A Class Apartments & Studios

Zorbas Rooms And Taverna Skaloti, Sfakia
at 25km(E) from Ágios Pávlos beach
Zorbas Rooms and Taverna

Polyrizos Hotel Polyrizos, South Rethymnon
at 27.7km(E) from Ágios Pávlos beach
Polyrizos Hotel

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