Kallergi refuge
Lefka Ori, Hania
Kallérgi Mountain Refuge is located on the western region of Crete, above the plateau of Omalos, in the White Mountains (Lefka Ori) mountain range at an altitude of 1680 metres. The site is of unique natural beauty and commands great views to the surrounding peaks and the gorge of Samaria. It can be accessed by car or on foot (1 1/2 hour) via the 5km long dirt road from Omalos. The refuge can accommodate up to 50 people. It features a fully equipped kitchen, a lodge with fire place and wood burning stoves, toilets (indoors and outdoors) and a camping area. Electricity is supplied by a generator.
Kalergi refuge operates throughout the year (from November to March only on weekends)
For more information please visit:Mountaineering Club of Hania

In and/or around Kallergi refuge :
(within a radius of 50 Km)

Galini Studios & Apartments Sougia, South Hania
at 13.5km(SW) from Kallergi refuge
Galini Studios & Apartments

Nikolas Rooms Loutro, Sfakia
at 19km(SE) from Kallergi refuge

Cretan Dream Royal Hotel Stalós, Hania
at 21.3km(N) from Kallergi refuge
Cretan Dream Royal Hotel

Marathakis Apartments Nea Kydonia, Hania
at 21.6km(N) from Kallergi refuge
Marathakis Apartments

Semiramis Suites For Rent Hryssi Akti, Hania
at 21.6km(N) from Kallergi refuge
Semiramis Suites for rent

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