Village in Messara plain
Mitropoli (GR: Μητρόπολη) is a small village in the archaeological site of Gortyna in Messara plain. The village is mentioned for the first time in the Ducal archives of Candia in 1368 and later in the census of 1577 by Fr. Barozzi and in 1583 by Castrofylaka.
Early mention of the settlement is to document the Ducal Archive of Candia in 1368, also mentioned by Fr. Barozzi in 1577 with the name and the Mitropoli Kastrofilakas in 1583. According to the census of 2001 it has 382 inhabitants.
Main occupations of the inhabitants is the cultivation of vines, olives, vegetables, cereals and citrus fruits. At its north borders are located the ruins of the first cathedral of St. Titus, in which it owes its name.(Mitropoli = Cathedral).
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In and/or around Mitropoli:
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Levin Apartments Lentas, South Iraklion
at 13.9km(S) from Mitropoli
Levin Apartments

Aretoussa Pension Pitsidia
at 15.5km(W) from Mitropoli
Aretoussa Pension

Kiknos Studios Kalamaki
at 17km(W) from Mitropoli
Kiknos Studios

Melissa Hotel *** Matala
at 17.7km(W) from Mitropoli
Melissa Hotel ***

Die Zwei Bruder Pension & Villas For Rent Matala
at 18.9km(W) from Mitropoli
Die Zwei Bruder Pension & Villas for rent

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