Kokino Horio village
Apokoronas, Hania
Kókino Horio (GR: Κόκκινο Χωρίο), which is located at a higher altitude, has maintained its traditional architectural style even more so than the other villages with its narrow roads, beautiful gates and tiled roofs.
A group of cisterns, built in a sloping field, gather the rainwater, an interesting example of local architecture, dealing with the permanent problem of lack of water.
Above Kokino Horio one can see the strangely shaped hill Drapanokefala or Calapodha (so named during the venetian occupation). The coastline northwest of the village is an extremely interesting place for a stroll due to the ground formation and the caves, such as the cave of Petsi (or Karavotopos).
Another cave called Katalimata, located at the centre of the village, is also an interesting site.
At cape Drapano, approximately 10 metres under water, is the impressive Elephant cave, an area 60mx60m full of stalactites and stalagmites of various shapes and colours.

Video - The Elephants' Cave

In and/or around Kokino Horio village:
(within a radius of 50 Km)

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at 15.9km(SE) from Kokino Horio village
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Aloni Suites Chorafakia, Akrotiri, Hania
at 17.7km(NW) from Kokino Horio village
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Kriti Hotel Chania
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