Prinias village
Kenourgiou, Iraklion
Priniás (GR: Πρινιάς) is a small village located 35km southwest of Iraklion town and 4km from Agia Varvara, at a height of 610 m above sea level. The village of Prinias lies on the border of three regions: Malevizi, Kenouriou and Monofatsi, and is recorded as forming part of all three regions in the censi.

Prinias figures in all the Venetian censi, in the Turkish one of 1671, and in the Egyptian one of 1834. In 1881, it forms part of the municipality of Kroussonas in the Malevizi region, with 225 inhabitants. In 1900 it is still in the same municipality with 348 inhabitants, and becomes a commune in its own right as of 1920. Nowadays, Prinias has 417 inhabitants.
It is famed as being one of the prettiest villages in all Crete in one of the loveliest parts of the island.
Ancient Rizinia and its cemetery are one of the main attractions, as is the height known as 'Perdikokorifi' with its unique panoramic view of the Heraklion prefecture.
An important reforestation programme has been implemented and the 150.000 trees recently planted will add even greater beauty to the area.
In the Prinias valley, there are several large stones (limestone) with peculiar shapes to which popular imagination has given different names such as 'The Old Woman's Cheese' or 'The Old Woman's Rusks' and so on.
A little after the 25th km on the Heraklion - Aghia Varvara road, one gets the best view of this valley.

In and/or around Prinias village:
(within a radius of 50 Km)

Petronikolis Traditional House Houdetsi, Iraklion
at 17.2km(E) from Prinias village
Petronikolis Traditional House

Gorgona Hotel Ammoudara Beach, Iraklion
at 20.8km(N) from Prinias village
Gorgona Hotel

Antonis Rooms Amoudara, Iraklion
at 20.9km(N) from Prinias village
Antonis Rooms

Aptera Beach Hotel Amoudara, Iraklion
at 21km(N) from Prinias village
Aptera Beach Hotel

Creta Beach Hotel Andrea Papandreou 74, 71414 Amoudara, Iraklion
at 21.1km(N) from Prinias village
Creta Beach Hotel

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