Rethymnon Old Port
Rethymnon town
Rethymnon old port was of great strategic importance during the Venetian period. It was only able to accommodate small ships. From 1300 until today, the Venetian port has undergone numerous constructions. The 1618 wall that surrounds the port from the east is restored today with some recent interventions and additions. The original lighthouse was constructed during the Turkish period and was later replaced by another one. The building on the southeast part of the port was constructed in 1931 and functioned as a customs office. On the same location it is estimated that there was a quarantine house during the Venetian period. The vaulted spaces on the two or three-floor buildings at the port have been transformed to little and picturesque fish taverns, where visitors can enjoy the secrets of the Cretan cuisine.

In and/or around Rethymnon Old Port:
(within a radius of 50 Km)

Faros Beach Hotel Rethymnon Harbour
at 0km(S) from Rethymnon Old Port
Faros Beach Hotel

The Sea Front Rent Rooms Rethymnon Old Town
at 0.2km(S) from Rethymnon Old Port
The Sea Front Rent Rooms

Palazzo Rimondi Apartments Rethymnon Old Town
at 0.2km(W) from Rethymnon Old Port
Palazzo Rimondi Apartments

Fortezza Hotel Rethymnon Old Town
at 0.2km(W) from Rethymnon Old Port
Fortezza Hotel

Veneto Hotel (four Stars) Rethymno
at 0.3km(W) from Rethymnon Old Port
VENETO hotel (Four stars)

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