Hotel Life
Ikarou 50, 71307 Heraklion

Hotel Life

Situated just 200 metres from Heraklion Port, Hotel Life offers quality central accommodation with modern amenities, including Wi-Fi access. The hotel is fully air-conditioned throughout. The well-appointed rooms feature a fridge and TV. Some have balconies overlooking the city.
Life Hotel’s bar serves refreshing drinks and beverages. The hotel provides a car rental service to explore Crete. Free private parking is available on site.
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In and/or around Hotel Life:
(within a radius of 50 Km)

Archaeological Museum Of Herakleion Heraklion city
at 0.5km(W) from Hotel Life
Archaeological Museum of Herakleion

Agios Titos Cathedral Iraklion Old Town
at 0.8km(W) from Hotel Life
Agios Titos Cathedral

Koules Venetian Fortress (castello Del Molo ) Iraklion Venetian port
at 0.9km(NW) from Hotel Life
Koules Venetian fortress (Castello del Molo )

Historical Museum Of Crete Iraklion town
at 1.1km(W) from Hotel Life
Historical Museum of Crete

Agia Ekaterini Church And Exhibition Iraklion
at 1.1km(W) from Hotel Life
Agia Ekaterini church and Exhibition

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