Gortyn archaeological site
The Hippodrome was located in the south part of the city of Gortyn, and was surrounded by columns. The central section was 374 metres long and 60 metres wide. Our information on the site is insufficient for the reason that there was never a systematic survey, or even a small excavation. What we see today of this magnificent monument are only some parts of columns and capitals.
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In and/or around Hippodrome:
(within a radius of 50 Km)

Levin Apartments Lentas, South Iraklion
at 13.8km(S) from Hippodrome
Levin Apartments

Aretoussa Pension Pitsidia
at 16.2km(W) from Hippodrome
Aretoussa Pension

Kiknos Studios Kalamaki
at 17.7km(W) from Hippodrome
Kiknos Studios

Melissa Hotel *** Matala
at 18.3km(W) from Hippodrome
Melissa Hotel ***

Die Zwei Bruder Pension & Villas For Rent Matala
at 19.5km(W) from Hippodrome
Die Zwei Bruder Pension & Villas for rent

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