Great Roman Theatre
Gortyn archaeological site

Great Roman Theatre

It lies at the south eastern part of the city and it is considered to be largest of all theaters in Gortyna. Although it is not yet excavated, it is believed that it had a two storeyed stage and its cavea was supported by 56 arches. The statue of the seated philosopher that we see next to the exhibition hall of the archaeological site was found here.

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In and/or around Great Roman Theatre:
(within a radius of 50 Km)

Agioi Deka Town Messara, Iraklion South
at 0.6km(E) from Great Roman Theatre
Agioi Deka town

Gortyn Ancient Town Messara, Iraklion South
at 0.7km(NW) from Great Roman Theatre
Gortyn Ancient town

Mitropoli Village in Messara plain
at 0.8km(W) from Great Roman Theatre

Vreli (agios Antonios) Village Mires, Messara Valley
at 6.3km(W) from Great Roman Theatre
Vreli (Agios Antonios) village

Moires Town Messara plain, South - East Iraklion
at 7.2km(W) from Great Roman Theatre
Moires town

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