Prophitis Ilias Town
The town of Profitis Ilias (GR: Προφήτης Ηλίας), or Roka for the locals, is found 20km south of Heraklion It is built on the top of two hills offering an unforgettable view to the surrounding areas. A natural fortification, due to its position, it has been suggested that ancient Lycastos was built here. It is also known as Kandli Kasteli due to the castle located at the summit of a rock southeast of the town.
Nikiforos Fokas built the Byzantine castle of Temenos in the same location in 961 when he freed the island from the Saracens. His objective was to bring the city of Hantaka (Heraklion) into the castle of Temenos. However, this did not materialize and the city remained were it was. In the thirteenth century the castle of Temenos was occupied by the Genoese Pescatore, and later by the Venetians. The name Kanli Kastelli in Turkish means blood-painted castle, and took its name from a massacre of Turks by the Venetians and Greeks that took place here in 1647.

In and/or around Prophitis Ilias Town:
(within a radius of 50 Km)

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Australia Hotel

Creta Beach Hotel Andrea Papandreou 74, 71414 Amoudara, Iraklion
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Mareblue Neptuno Beach Resort Ammoudara Beach, Iraklion
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Akti Corali Hotel Ammoudara Beach, Iraklion
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Akti Corali Hotel

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