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Maridaki village
Monofatsi, South Iraklion
Maridaki (GR: Μαριδάκι) is a small coastal hamlet in the bay of Tsoutsouros on the southern coast of Iraklion prefecture. It is built at the end of the gorge of Ahendrias.
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In and/or around Maridaki village:
(within a radius of 50 Km)

Petra & Fos Pizzeria - Cafe Bar Tsoutsouros
at 1.6km(NE) from Maridaki village

Dimosthenis Beach House Tsoutsouros
at 2.7km(E) from Maridaki village
Dimosthenis beach house

Petronikolis Traditional House Houdetsi, Iraklion
at 25.5km(N) from Maridaki village
Petronikolis Traditional House

Big Blue Hotel Myrtos , Ierapetra
at 28.3km(E) from Maridaki village
 Big Blue Hotel

Paradise Studios Myrtos , Ierapetra
at 28.4km(E) from Maridaki village
 Paradise Studios

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