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Knossos Palace - Kouloures
Three large pits, known as "kouloures" (rings), with stone-lined walls were built in the West Court during the Old Palace period (1900-1700B.C.)
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Knossos - The fresco of the Procession
The fresco of the procession, representing groups of men and women in processional array, carrying precious obcects. A fragment of the magnificent painting that decorated the walls of the "Processional Corridor" from the west Court to the Great Propylaeum of the palace at Knossos. - Neopalatial Period (1500 - 1450 BC) - Heraklion Museum
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Knossos - West Porch
A roofed area opening onto the West Court. The east wall was decorated with a bull-leaping fresco. From here began the long "Corridor of the Procession".
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Knossos - The Corridor of the Procession
The "Corridor of the Procession", according to Evans, initially led to the "South Propylaeum" and continued on to the Central Court.

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