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Elegant ewer from Phaistos
Elegant ewer with reed type decoration that creates a pattern of dark and light colours on the surface of the pot.
Example of the decorative mannerism of the Late Neopalatial period, a work by the artist conventionally referred to, as 'Reed - Painter' (1450 BC).
Heraklion Museum
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The Law Code of Gortyna
The Great Inscription also known as the 'Queen of Inscriptions', or the 'Twelve Columns or Deltoi', includes the Law Code of the large ancient city Gortyn and is unanimously regarded as the greatest contribution of Classical Crete to Ancient Greek civilization.
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Marble Statue from Nymphaeum
A marble statue of Aphrodite holding a basin, found at Nymphaeum in Gortyna archaeological site.
Roman Period 2nd century B.C.
Heraklion Museum
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Statues of Isis and Zeus
Two statues from the temple of the Egyptian Gods at Gortyn that combine iconographic elements and symbols of Hellenic and Egyptian deities. alike. The Isis - Persephone figure is holding a sistrum and wearing a moon disk, the symbol of Isis, on her head. Zeus - Sarapis, with a modio on his head, represents Pluto with Cerberus beside him, the three - headed dog that guards the Underworld. Roman Period rnd century A.D. - Heraklion Museum

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