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Agios Georgios church - Lyttos
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Timios Stavros church - Lyttos
This church is built in the archaeological site of Lyttos by the ancient agora, at the place of an older basilica of the 5th century A.D.
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The church of Panagia in Agia Roumeli
It is old byzantine church built on the ruins of the temple of god Apollo Tarraios in ancient city Tarra
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Saint Titus Cathedral
The church is on 25th August St., next to the Venetian arsenal (Armeria) and the Nobles' Club (Loggia).
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Marble Statue from Nymphaeum
A marble statue of Aphrodite holding a basin, found at Nymphaeum in Gortyna archaeological site.
Roman Period 2nd century B.C.
Heraklion Museum
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Statues of Isis and Zeus
Two statues from the temple of the Egyptian Gods at Gortyn that combine iconographic elements and symbols of Hellenic and Egyptian deities. alike. The Isis - Persephone figure is holding a sistrum and wearing a moon disk, the symbol of Isis, on her head. Zeus - Sarapis, with a modio on his head, represents Pluto with Cerberus beside him, the three - headed dog that guards the Underworld. Roman Period rnd century A.D. - Heraklion Museum

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