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Knossos - The Tripartite Shrine Fresco
Miniature wall painting depicting a tripartite shrine and platforms of seating and standing female figures in front of a multitude of men and women gathered together. Neopalatial Period 1600 - 1500 BC (Heraklion Museum)
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Knossos - The Throne Room
The stone basin you see was actually found in a neighbouring corridor and placed here. To the left, a low partition wall with a purification ceremonies and therefore called them "Lustral Basins"
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Knossos Palace- The central Court
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Knossos - The South Propylaeum
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The Draughtboard
The so-called Draughtboard (Zatrikion) was constructed of ivory, glass paste, rock crystal and sheets of gold and silver on a wooden base. The four ivory draughts corresponded to the circles with the white lozenges. A luxury royal board game, indicating the lifestyle in Minoan palaces and the high quality output of Minoan miniature art workshops. Found in the palace of Knossos (1600 - 1500 BC) - Heraklion Museum
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Knossos Palace - Kouloures
Three large pits, known as "kouloures" (rings), with stone-lined walls were built in the West Court during the Old Palace period (1900-1700B.C.)

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