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Lychnostatis Folklore Museum
Hersonissos, Iraklion, Crete
The Cretan Open-air Museum 'Lychnostatis' aims to promote the understanding and awareness of the Cretan folk cultural heritage. Its scope lies on the Cretan Folk Tradition and Ethnology, the Cretan Nature and Environment and the Cretan Folk Culture. Located in Hersonissos, one of the principal tourist areas in Crete, the museum is, apart from a valuable tourist asset, an exemplary self - motivated conduct on tradition, culture and environment of the island.
The museum comprises the following buildings and locations :
-Traditional Dwellings ( a farmer's house and a merchant's house )
-Olive oil - press
-Distillery for ' raki ' ( alcoholic beverage )
-Threshing - floor
-Shepherd's shelter
-Ceramic workshop
-Weaving and plant-dying workshop
-Garden with Cretan fruit - trees
-Herb - garden
-Flora and cactus - garden
-Mineral and stone exhibition
-Cretan folk artists' gallery
-Auditorium [150 seats] for audio-visual shows , seminars , e.t.c.
-Open-air theatre [250 seats] for cultural and artistic events
-Library stocked with books and periodicals on Cretan folk culture
-Cafe (where typical beverages and sweets are served)
-Museum-shop (where mementoes and products of the museum are sold).

The buildings themselves are some of the main exhibits. Built thoroughly with the prevalent raw materials (stone-wood-clay), they possess an aesthetic quality unique in the area. No bulldozers, excavators or other mechanical means have been used in the construction. The collections are broad in scope, from agricultural implements to embroideries and from herbs to rhymes. The approach is by no means intellectual; all exhibits are left to speak for themselves, and visitors are allowed to touch objects and encouraged to smell and taste the various plants, fruits and products of the museum.

Lychnostatis Folklore Museum

Visiting hours: 09:00 to 14:00
Closed on Saturdays
Tel: +3028970-23660
Fax: +3028970-24674
e-mail: info@lychnostatis.gr
Website: www.lychnostatis.gr

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Hersonissos Limin
Pediada, North - East Iraklion
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Malia Town
Pediada, North - East Iraklion
at 5.2km (SE)
Kalo Horio Village
Gouves, Iraklion
at 7.1km (SW)
Malia Minoan Palace
Archaeological site in Malia, Iraklion
at 7.5km (E)

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