Myriokefala village
It is built at 500m a.s.l. and 37km away from the city of Rethymno, with 400 inhabitants most of them farmers and stock breeders. It took its name due to its position, "MYRIOKEFALA" means myriads of heads (here :Hills). It is the birth place of George Maravelakis, a great fighter of the 1866 revolution against the turks. The monastery of Miriokefala, an interesting sight, devoted to the Holly Mother, was established by Ai Kir Giannis (a Cretan Saint) in the 11th century. There are many icons of Byzantine art, among them this of Holly Mother.

In and/or around Myriokefala village:
(within a radius of 50 Km)

Polyrizos Hotel Polyrizos, South Rethymnon
at 7.5km(S) from Myriokefala village
Polyrizos Hotel

Captain Tom A Class Apartments & Studios Fragokastelo
at 8.3km(SW) from Myriokefala village
Captain Tom A Class Apartments & Studios

Zorbas Rooms And Taverna Skaloti, Sfakia
at 8.6km(S) from Myriokefala village
Zorbas Rooms and Taverna

Galini Tavern Souda
at 8.8km(SE) from Myriokefala village
Galini Tavern

Iliomanolis Tavern & Rooms Kanevos, Agios Vasslios
at 9.1km(E) from Myriokefala village
Iliomanolis Tavern & Rooms

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