Pelekita Cave
Zakros, Sitia, East Crete
The cave, with impressive stalagmites and stalactites, is located near the sea (~200m), at Pelekitá (GR: Πελεκητά), a place 3km away from the Palace of Zakros (~1 hour walk)and above the small bay of Karoumbi. In this cave were discovered signs of neolithic habitation. Its entrance is at 105m above sea, it is 310m long and its area is approximately 4.500m2. A little further there was found also the quarry from where the ancients took the stones to built their Palace (hence the name "Pelekita"). The cave is also known as "Sikias Spilios" (the fig tree's cave) due to the fig tree that is located at its entrance. The view to the sea from there is magnificent.

In and/or around Pelekita Cave:
(within a radius of 50 Km)

Elia Studios Palekastro Sitia
at 8.3km(N) from Pelekita Cave
Elia Studios

Villa Amalia Kouremenos, Palaíkastron, Sitia
at 11.2km(N) from Pelekita Cave
Villa Amalia

Sunny Villas Apartments Agia Fotia Sitia
at 13.9km(NW) from Pelekita Cave
Sunny Villas Apartments

Sitia Bay Hotel Sitia town
at 17.9km(NW) from Pelekita Cave
Sitia Bay Hotel

Elysee Hotel Sitia town
at 18.1km(NW) from Pelekita Cave
Elysee Hotel

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